It took 9 billion years to form a planet capable of supporting life and 4.5 billion years to prepare that planet to host humans.

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We have an excellent track record of investment advice for our select partners, including international corporations, government leaders, intelligence agencies, and pension funds. Through M's decades of successful remote viewing, our insight into future market trends have provided us with a stellar reputation for financial and political guidance through our professional consulting arena.

Due to the increasing demands for M's remote viewing into future events, we will no longer offer symposiums and specialized classes in the remote viewing experience.  Also, considering the value of visualizing future economic events, one can appreciate the security risks of personal appearances at such symposiums, no matter where the venue. At the most recent September 2016 board meeting held in Luxembourg City, M has removed himself from the firm's many services and seeks a more spiritual purpose to his life, especially since his latest remote viewing observations affecting the future of mankind which he will not reveal to anyone.